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[13 Mar 2005|02:27am]

i got a new jont not like anyones going to look at it

2 /// Can't Change the Letters When the Ink Dries

their ties choke off what they really want to say about her... [13 Feb 2005|02:27am]
[ mood | tired ]

well this weekend has been alright so far.

yesterday (friday)- i went to school. school was school. then came home fell asleep. and dale arrived at the door. and said "you ready" i said ready for what. so we left after i cleaned pudding off of erics van. went to his house. i played star wars on playstation 2 bitches. that shit was cool. then dale got in the hot tub. later on i put my head and arms in. then i went pee in the middle of the yard. after that my mom called told me i had to come home. so i did. came home. went to sleep.

today (saturday)- woke up. sat around for the longest time. on the computer. doing nothing. dale called. said he would say if pete could pick me up. and then i fell asleep. the show started at 5:30 and i was supposed to be there by like 4:30 or 5 but i slept until 6 and never recieved a phone call. but my mom woke me up and took me there. i walked in organized dales un organized money. gave mike a hug. a big one. patted kendall on the shoulder. said hi to dale. shook petes hand. gave ben a hug. hugged billy. shook bretts hand. shook jers hand. hugged or shook everyone in the worlds hand. then i worked the door for a little while. its amazing how retarted you notice people are."$8" then they give me 6 dollars. and i say. 8 dollars! walked to checkers with kendall because im awesome. then i ate some fries.well then the second sunrise went on. me and mike watched them. i enjoyed it.alot. such nice guys they are. then eversinceradio went on. i guess they were alright. i then went to buy a mountain dew. walked back to the stage. then the one and only derby lane played. they did very good. and of course such nice guys they are too.i bought 4 stickers for 2 dollars. when they were free. but i like to support derby lane. then i sat at the stage and watched paper machey monster or somthing like that. matt and spud from dtown are in it . or played in it. then downtown came on. they were super. everything went well for them. im really happy everyone came to the show. and the bands were all amazing.then after the show, me and dale and kendall and mike and pete and rose went to dennys. that was fun. i talked to benjamin and jer. that was fun. we got our food shot ice and other foreign objects at each other then left. jammed to some f-a-m-i-l-i-o on the way home. gave everyone hugs went inside and now im falling asleep at the computer.

To everyone who made it our tonight thank you very much<33

2 /// Can't Change the Letters When the Ink Dries

[11 Feb 2005|06:10pm]





1 /// Can't Change the Letters When the Ink Dries

we wont stop until the dawn has given its all to you... [11 Feb 2005|06:37am]
[ mood | tired ]

yeah. i think i might start doing this journal thing more often. i dont know?

Can't Change the Letters When the Ink Dries

[ mood | bored ]

hearts bend: faggggg
hearts bend: bitch
hearts bend: slut
hearts bend: ...
CITY SKY FALLING: i hate you
hearts bend: hhahaa
hearts bend: no
hearts bend: no
hearts bend: no
hearts bend: its a joke!
hearts bend: you said cunt!

3 /// Can't Change the Letters When the Ink Dries

[ mood | bored ]

hearts bend: fag.
RecordSpinsAgain: hoe
hearts bend: fag.
RecordSpinsAgain: hoe
hearts bend: fag.
RecordSpinsAgain: WHORE
hearts bend: BITCH
RecordSpinsAgain: JOSH

the end...

2 /// Can't Change the Letters When the Ink Dries

her heart beats in time with mine and as long i stay alive theres no doubt that shes fine... [16 Jan 2005|12:52pm]
[ mood | nostalgic ]

ELAINE AND " I " Booking Presents...

Saturday, January 29th
My Brothers Place
Waldorf, MD
Doors open @5:30PM



1 /// Can't Change the Letters When the Ink Dries

Everytime you breathe i hope you think of me .Those are the words you told me, told me... [05 Dec 2004|11:47pm]
[ mood | tired ]

well this week was cool. i guess. wednesday , i think it was wednesday? well me and john got picked up by matt and we went to kinko's to make flyers for the very merry christmas show that he booked or whatever. that was fun because we had no clue what to do witht he copy machines. then we drove around then went home.

friday- me and john walked to my house from school and on the way i found a bike in a creek. i stole that bitch and rode it home with the flat tires riding on straight chrome. well it was rusted rims that were chrome at one time. then finally we got home and just hung out. john went home then mike came over. i ate chinese food. it was good. then we sat around for the night waiting for matt to get off work. matt got off work and he wasnt allowed out to come get us. so we went to sleep.

saturday- mike wakes up at seven and was all motivated and says " JOSH IT'S 7 " and i just rolled over and went back to sleep . we slept until like 8:30 and then we took showers and got ready . my dad came by and we left for my race. on the way we picked up kendall and brynn. me and mike sat in the back on the way to the track. but that was after i said hi to kendalls brother ( Peter ) . we go to the track late , it was cold. then i got on the track. told dad to buy new tires . we did . went out started last in my heat race and finished second in the heat race. so i started second for the feature. i was running fine until the god damn mountain man ( guy that races with me thats like 30 and he has long hair , is dirty, and has one eye. ) had to run me off the track . so when i managed to get back on the track. i spun that bitch into the wall. and kept on going. then later on he ran me off the track again. after the second time i had myself saying this time hes going over the wall. but when i got to him he had some engine problem . =/ . i wanted to wreck him bad. but then i finished 3rd because of that god damn mountain man. but after the race was over. i hit him hard in the bumper to tell him i was pissed. then after the race i went over to talk to him . and here comes the god damn mexican guys i hate that i race with. i told that faggot when the fuck were you in this i was talking to him, so get your shit together and get out of my face. i was pissed because i hate those people. he had nothing to do with it. but next year . if i race there still , hes going to find his self face down on the ground. because hes like 3 feet tall and thinks hes the baddest motherfucker in town. god damn i just want to hit him in the face for being so stupid and ugly. the end. then after the race we left and went to kendalls. raleigh came over at 12am. we all hung out. me and mike wrestled. he won round one because he like broke my arm. then round two i kicked his ass. round three we tied. round four we tied. and round five we tied but he was on the ground last . so i win . mike be ready for round 6! then we went to sleep. pictures coming soon of the wrestling match. or matches. and of the whole day.

sunday- kendall came down woke us up, i got up took a shower , raleigh left. brynn left . me and mike and kendall hung out . matt came over then we went to panera. i got me a sandwich. then we left and went to the mall to get a smoothie. those chinese people are the nicest people in the world . i swear, they will do anything just to make you happy. then i bought 11 cd's for 4 dollars. 5 were for mike while he was eating. but the 5 pack sucks. so im left with 1 cd that is good. then we took kendall home . played mike in some kirby's avalanche on super nintendo at kendalls. mike had to go home so donovan came to get him. me and matt went to safeway then he took me home and now i am listening to matchbook romance which i havent listened to in like 5 months other than in matts car every once in a while. i forgot how much i used to like them. goodnight <3

3 /// Can't Change the Letters When the Ink Dries

I'll die tomorrow , die tomorrow , and certainty will kill me once again.... [17 Oct 2004|04:43pm]
[ mood | happy ]

well i havent updated in like 2 months but sice this weekend was really fun i decided to update.

thursday- went and got my hunting lisence i passed that test with a hundred and the teacher was really funny . he was like talking about pellets in a shotgun shell and he was like your going the right way with your balls it was so funny i guess you had to be there. after that i got my mom to get me and i went to andrizzles and mike j-end-ings was there and we got on the computer and did 007 moves to get sonme ovaltine. then we went to sleep in the same bed all threee of us. dont worry it was a big big bed .

friday- we woke up at 3:25 am to take andys brother to the airport . we went to wawa and i got donuts and a propel. then we were driving to the airport and got lost like ten times. his brother missed the flight then we had to go to reagan and we went into oxon hill to go to burger king and all these gangstas wanted to borrow everything from us so we hurried to get out of there. then andys brother was like if cops saw all them black people around us then they would be like im not letting those young white boys get robbed. it was funny at the time. then we went to the airport and dropped his brother off. then andy was driving his new RACE CAR home. we got lost like a million times. we went to some military base to ask for directions and he said pull up and andy like went to far so the security guard was like STOP!!! and put his gun up and pointed at us . then put this big ass gate thing up so we couldnt get in . that was cool ive never had a big ass gun pointed at me. then we got directions and got lost into dc. so were in dc and we ask some lady and she gave us the wrong directions so she had her friend like chase us down the street and tell us she was wrong. such nice chinese ladys. then we were doing burnouts and some guy was like WOOOOOOO. and andy was like I GOT A WOO. thats what me and mike say all the time now since it was funny. then as we are going on the beltway a huge water molecule hits us out of no where and we had the sun roof open so we were like SHIT then finally we got home and i fell asleep on andys bed.then andy took me and mike home, later on me and mike went to the movies with megan<33 jay,rachael,sarah,melissa,josh and i thinks thats it. it was fun. finally we went home and i talked to megan until like i dont remember. but i was up until like 3 so i was awake for 24 hours god im cool. me and mike both , and andy. mike stayed at my house i love that guy.

saturday- woke up took a shower , dad picked us up then we got kendall and went to the track, but before i got on the track we got rained out, so i was mad but my dad was like WOOOOO and i said I GOT A WOO , fun times. i love my dad hes the coolest. and hes a major pimp. then we went to my dads friends house and me and mike played ping pong of course i won because im the PING PONG CHAMPION!! well we got home at like 1am . then we went to sleep at like 2 or 3 i forget.

sunday- woke up mom got off the computer to let me and mike on , thought we would hang out with matt and kim but nope they didnt want to. so andy came over and got us, i met his girlfriend kristyn. shes cool. then in andy's "race car" we hit 100 or maybe 104 but whos counting. then andy was like i beat a corvette and a mustang in a race last night. then me and mike were like okay istudycars.com , since thats the new cool thing to do. only because mike made it up. then we hit 100 on the way back i think. stopped in the middle of the road an acted like we were drag racing . then andy dropped us off. oh yeah we went to taco bell that was fun. me and mike got inside and got on the computer. then kim dropped off mikes #12 hoodie.its cool. kim did good. shes talented. then she left in her car after i was like okay mycarlookslikeandys.com since they have the same car but kims is cooler. then we came in and mike left . ilovemike. i miss him too sounds gay but true. well thats it for my journal entry. its taken like 4 hours now that it is 741 and just now finishing. hopefully someone will read it and comment.

15 /// Can't Change the Letters When the Ink Dries

[27 Aug 2004|05:45pm]
[ mood | happy ]

I HAVE THE INTERNET!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

4 /// Can't Change the Letters When the Ink Dries

shut your eyes tight and tell me, does my face look the same painted on the back of your eyelids... [16 Aug 2004|01:34pm]
[ mood | anxious ]

everyone look at my new layout its awesome all because kendall did it and that makes her super cool.
everyone come to mbp tonight to be cool like mike jennings and see derbylane.and after mbp im going with mike and kendall to kendalls to stay the night because those two are the coolest people in the worlllllllldddddddddd!!!!!!!!!!!

3 /// Can't Change the Letters When the Ink Dries

will your smile still open my heart and leave me transparent........ [10 Aug 2004|05:12pm]
[ mood | thirsty ]

well i havent updated in like a month.
saturday - mike was over then derek came over and we played mario. then kendall came over and shes cool. then we went to my race it was a hundred laps for $1500 i got run off the track like 974 times and i was pissed. i was ready to kick some ass if i could. then something big as shit came off of someones go kart right in front of me and i hit it and i spun around and hit the wall a ton. my body turned sideways and my leg was on top of the engine getting shocked by the spark plug and it was like BZZZZZ. it felt cool though. i hit the wall so hard i was dazed and i couldnt remember which pedal was which . then i flicked some dude off because he kept running me off the track . asshole. even though i wrecked i still finished 10th out of 21. then after my race dereks girlfriend and her family left. then kendall explained how she loves how i makes sound effects when i talk. shes weird. then mike made prank calls asking for abdar. then mike came home with me and stayed the night.
sunday- we went over to mikes house . mikes mom made these really good steaks and i ate two of them . and a rack of mac and cheese.then me and mike ordered shirts. mike bought an evergreen terrace hoody , a hawthorne heights shirt, a thursday belt buckle . then i bought a saosin shirt , a thursday shirt for one of their friends that had cancer it was supposed to help him pay his hospital bills but he died a month or so ago so i wanted to buy it to be nice, and i bought a blood brothers shirt and i think mike accidently made it two so i guess he has it too. then we went to bed at like 4.
monday- we had to wake up at 5:30 to go to kings dominion. we went there mike was afraid of heights and he didnt l\want to lose his cell phone so we didnt go on any roller coasters which was okay because ive already been on them. so we went on water rides. then we went on the log flume thing like 100 times. then we went on the raft thing and i got soaked . then we went to the store thing and i got mike to buy a gangster chain and then we rode to mikes and i got on the internet then went to bed.
today-woke up and burned some cds then they took me home and now im at dereks

6 /// Can't Change the Letters When the Ink Dries

[07 Jun 2004|06:35pm]
[ mood | hungry ]

1. Give me a nickname and explain why you picked it.

2. How long have you known me?

3. When & how did we meet? If we haven't, do you want to?

4. What was your first impression?

5. If you could "hook me up" with ANYONE, who would it be?

6. What do you think my biggest weakness is?

7. What makes me happy?

8. What makes me sad?

9. What reminds you of me?

10. If you could give me anything what would it be?

11. When was the last time you saw me?

12. What have you always wanted to tell me?

13. Describe me in one word.

14. Are you going to put this on your page and see what I say about you?

i got this from the cool guy mikes journal

9 /// Can't Change the Letters When the Ink Dries

well.... [03 Jun 2004|08:26pm]
[ mood | sad ]

well today pretty much SUCKED. this morning i woke up late so i got to school late . i walked in the door and on the announcements i heard we have bad news that eric kackley has passed away in a fatal car accident. well eric was my brothers best friend and yesterday was my brothers birthday . that really sucks . that made my day horrible. R.I.P. Eric " kackalack" Kackley as my bro would say. i feel really bad for my brother . :( well thats all folks.

4 /// Can't Change the Letters When the Ink Dries

woo hoo!! [02 Jun 2004|11:03pm]
[ mood | tired ]

this is how the weekend or week has gone.

friday: friday left school and john matt and nick came with. then zach and rusty showed up at the door . that was funny. then we went to the halfpipe , zach got bored so he drove us to my house . hung out there skated then everyone went home. went to mbp. downtown and derby lane played. hung out with mike , james , brandon , john , nick , zach , rusty , kori , and some other cool kids. watched dude from downtown beatbox hes good. then i turned around and all of the sudden megan was there. i was like whoa!! then i bought a derby lane and a downtown shirt. went home mike came over and went to bed.

saturday: woke up andy called he was like im coming over get ready . so me and mike woke up and andy was at the door, he said lets go so me and mike changed and left . rode around and andys pimp element ( box on wheels ) . went to lonestar ate , went to the skate park and saw joe riding his mo ped down the street . so we were like scuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuurrrrrrrr slammed on the brakes cut across the middle of the road which was grass and rode at 20 along side joe. then afterwards went to some girl named kendalls house . and then drove around listening to music. came home , dad came picked me mike and derek up and we went to the race track , i raced the adults for the first time and kicked their asses by a half of a track . then came home and mike stayed over again.

sunday: sunday we woke up and had absolutley nothing to do. we sat around all day until about 5:00. then we decided to go to the mall because nobody was home and we thought we would see someone there. saw not one person. stopped at robs work in the mall and talked to him. my dad came by and picked us up and we went to damons to watch the race. andy came later on. him and mike were like hitting each other and i was in the middle and i got hit in the face and it busted my lip and it got all swollen. after that we came home and mike stayed over again.

monday: woke up and megan called and said go to the mall. so we got up and went to the mall . went to the mall and saw megan walked around for a while then megan left. mike saw julianne and some kid so we hung out with them for a little while and went to the hechts home store and i found my favorite chair and i sat there for like an hour . then andrizzle called and came up to the mall. andy came and then we saw rob working again and we talked to him then left. andy had to work so me and mike went home. mike went home with his mom then i went to the grocery store . came home went to bed.

tuesday: went to school , john came over after school. then we went to megan beasley's house to meet up with matt because he didnt know how to get to my house. then while crossing the road we saw an accident . then this gangsta got out of the car and started crying, i laughed. went home skated with matt and john then i went out to eat with my family for my brothers b day. i was at olive garden for like 93859385738753758735783758378 hours . after that i came home and went over joes.

wednesday: woke up at like 12:00 and then went home . brandon called and asked if we were coming to his band practice. so we said yes. he said be ready at 3 so 3 oclock comes around and he never shows up . we waited until about 5 and decided that that douche wasnt coming . the funny thing is that he made such a big deal about us coming then he never showed up. i was pissed!! then i decided to go to the mall. i bought a new shirt and saw rob again . talked to him then we left. i came home skated then the ice cream man came so i bought some and ate it. now im here and i had to wait like 93849 hours to get on the computer and now nobody is on. :( well its about time for bed . holler!!

1 /// Can't Change the Letters When the Ink Dries

[25 May 2004|05:31pm]
[ mood | angry ]

nobody ever comments my journal so im going to stop doing it :( . the only person that does is mike . I LOVE YOU MIKE !!!! and we are cool because we're going to warped tour and your not coming with us.

5 /// Can't Change the Letters When the Ink Dries

[24 May 2004|09:48pm]
[ mood | thirsty ]

ok this will be very long.

this weekend i had fun and this is how it went

Friday- got picked up by mark and seans dad went everywhere then got my new skateboard.

Saturday- went to hfstival WAHOO!! taking back sunday was pretty cool. everything was cool and i almost died . during tbs i was up front and everyone was pushing , then everyone was falling , then 4 fat people fell on me and i was covered with fat people up to my neck , mark pulled me out and i was in pain but im a soldier so i watched the rest of the show. the singer of tbs climbed to the top of the stage where the lights are and hung upside down and sung most of a song and i was like WOW. then after i got some food, then i like passed out in the stands , afterwards i went to the floor to see new found glory , i dont really like them but they were pretty good, then i saw jayz what a P.I.M.P. im surprised to say this but he was cool as shit . after that we left and went back to mark and seans.
Sunday- slept all day pretty much , then came home went to the mall and bought a shirt a and some new shoes. because im rich!!! $$$$$$$$$$$$$$

Monday- today in math i guess it was cool , after school i skated on a mini ramp FUN FUN even though i cant do it . then i went home and talked to mike and megan . such losers, but they are the coolest losers . oh yeah i saw cool andy at 7 11 . why do i always see him there? well he blasted music , then we hopped in his element i mean PIMP element and squeeled the tires and went VROOOOOOOOOOOOOMMMMMMMMM!!!!!!!! then we came back to 711 and the cool guy left. so i went home and now im here. MIKE IS COOL!!!!!!!!!

2 /// Can't Change the Letters When the Ink Dries

BIRTHDAY!! [20 May 2004|05:07pm]
[ mood | happy ]

today is my birthday! yay im the big one five . only nine months until i get my learners, well today in school i got a 48347583748573749 pound bag of chocolate and its good. and MEGAN FORGOT MY GUMMY BEARS!!!! its ok but your still a loser , tomorrow im going to buy a new skateboard and maybe new shoes. i get ice cream cake tonight . YUM! im wearing mikes a static lullaby shirt he gave me. its got a hole in the arm pit .haha well its time for me to go to olive garden HOLLER!

1 /// Can't Change the Letters When the Ink Dries

[17 May 2004|03:45pm]
[ mood | bored ]

i havent updated in like 92389238492 days because my internet is broke but heres how my weekend went

Friday- me and sean went to the busch series race in richmond had fun

Saturday- woke up and washed my granddads van got $20 . then skated for a little while and decided my room needed cleaning didnt make my race because we ran to late so we went to my dads friends house to watch the nascar race on tv JR won yes! then i ate some pizza and went to dereks and stayed up until like 6 oclock in the morning

Sunday-woke up at like 11 and went home to eat something then went with joe to toys r us i played on the green machine for a while and this little kid got in the way and i started yelling at him to get out of the way. it was funny . then we went to sams club and played with the carts, joe got ripped off he bought a soda and the machines were turned off . then we went to wal mart and we got on those little cars that kids drive around with the plastic wheels and we drove them around for a while until we were kicked off of them , afterwards i bought some candy and saw kwazie moto , i shouldnt be making fun of her but it was an old lady that had a hunch back and she looked really funny i just couldnt hold my laughter in. then i went home and finished cleaning my room and went to bed at like one so im really tired and thats all

oh yeah thursday is my birthday YEEEEEEEEESSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!

2 /// Can't Change the Letters When the Ink Dries

[29 Apr 2004|10:07pm]
[ mood | tired ]

today i went to school , after school i stayed after and me and john walked to central i asked the arabian guy at tommys market why the windows where all broken and he was like " STUPID DRUNKS" haha me and john made fun of everything he did.then we went to central , after central we went back to stone and skated, after school i went to the powder puff football game it was gay, the only good part was when some girl hit another girl in the face.after that i came home and i had to eat leftovers EWWWWWWW!!!! mike is coming over tomorrow after mbp and we are going to my race. YES!!! now im leaving .

2 /// Can't Change the Letters When the Ink Dries

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